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Snow Driving Tips

Published on:

With the upcoming snow storm, we thought we'd share some snow driving tips with you.

A picture of a car driving down a road during a heavy snow fall.

1. Ensure your wind shield washer fluid is topped off.

2. Drive cautiously and know you car's limits, especially your braking distance. If you're driving someone else's car, drive slower until you get comfortable driving it.

3. Get a feel for the conditions of the road and leave enough braking room between the car in front of you.

4. If you have all-season tires, your car will not handle as well on the snow and you will need to drive slower than others on the road.

5. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and watch out for cars skidding through red lights and stop signs.

6. Change lanes with caution. While changing the lane your car tires will hit the powder snow between the tire tracks which can cause the car to swerve and loose control. Letting off the gas pedal and slightly slowing down may help.

7. Don't stop fully if you don't have to. Getting going from a stopped position takes time. Instead, slow down before approaching a red light so you can be moving when it turns green. Also, keep the car moving through deep snow if it is safe to do so to avoid getting stuck.

8. Slow down if you encounter a snow squalls. They can appear out of nowhere and greatly limit your visibility.

9. Watch out for slush hitting your windshield unexpectedly, especially from the vehicles going the opposite way.

10. Finally, if it can wait, save yourself the trouble and stay home until conditions get better.