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Spring Maintenance

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Now that spring weather is finally here, it's time to give your car much needed attention. Here are some things to do to get your car ready for the summer.

A picture of a mechanic checking the engine oil dip stick.

1. Wash - Give the car a good wash from all the salt and mud. It is also a good time to wax the car to protect the finish. Because cars are dipped in a proxy primer, salt is not as big of a concert anymore, however, it is still a good idea to get the car undercarriage washed as well.

2. Tires - Change your winter tires or rotate your all season tires. Its best to change your winter tires when the temperature raises above 7°C - warmer temperature wears out your winter tires faster. Make sure to also check the tire pressure - and don't forget to check the spare tire as well.

3. Fluids - check/change your fluids, there are quiet a few:

  • engine oil and oil filter - regular oil changes keep the engine in good condition and prolong engine lifespan.
  • transmission fluid - regular fluid changes keep the transmission in smooth running order, prolonging lifespan.
  • brake fluid - ensures your brakes are working well order.
  • radiator fluid - keeps the engine from overheating during the hot summer days.
  • refrigerant/freon level - keeps the air conditioner pumping cool air during the hot summer days.
  • windshield washer fluid - may need a top off to you keep your windshield clean.
  • power steering pump fluid - keeps your steering working smoothly.

4. Air & Cabin Filter - get your filters replaced to improve cabin air quality and keep the car running smoothly.

5. Wiper Blades - Check/change your wiper blades if you see any wear or damage.

6. Alignment - driving over potholes can damage your car's alignment. Check to see if your car pulls to the left or right when you're driving on the flat surface.

7. Clean Interior - After a long winter, the car interior can get very dirty and can probably use a quick wipe and vacuum. To get the salt stains out, mix a half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of warm water and spray the affected area, then apply a dry cloth to suck the salt out.

8. Inspection - If your car is leaking fluids or making grinding, slipping, squealing or knocking noises, or you smell something burning, it may be time to get your car inspected. Even if you don't, it is a good idea to get your car looked at after a long winter. Keeping up with regular inspections ensures the car is in running order and you're less likely to get stuck with unexpected troubles down the road. Book your appointment now.