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What is my car worth today?

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Looking to sell your old vehicle and wondering what it is worth today? Cars depreciate in value differently depending on the make and model, but a general rule of thumb is that they depreciate 20-25% in the first year and 15% every year afterwards.

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One way to find out what your car is worth today is to use an online car depreciation calculator like this one. Now, depending on the condition your vehicle is in, your actual value may be less than that. If your car needs some major work or has rust, the value may be a lot less.

Another way is to look at websites like Kijiji and Auto Trader to see what your car model is selling for. Remember, the condition of the vehicles listed will reflect the price it is selling for (car dealership will usually have their prices a bit higher to cover their operational costs). If your vehicle is in mint condition, look at prices of vehicles not needing repairs.

As always, if you have questions about the condition or value of your car or just want more information, feel free to connect with us!